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eBay BANS sale of new eBook!
New book that exposes FRAUD on eBay banned by eBay!
By Senior Editor of 24 7 News Net
The 24 7 News Wire

24 7 News Net Wire
August 8th, 2001

Today eBay canceled the auctions of a new eBook they want to ban.

I've been given copies of all the cancellation notices sent by eBay, about their cancellation of all auctions on eBay that sold this book, from the author of the new eBook.

The title is "BEWARE OF FRAUD ON EBAY". You can buy this eBook at www.1eBooks.com.

The book is a massive work that contains many public records about the rampant FRAUD problems of eBay. It contains actual complaints filed in lawsuits over FRAUD at eBay.

It also contains recent SEC filings of eBay where they admit criminal investigations are active against eBay, and they openly state FRAUD and the damage to eBays name and reputation are known RISK FACTORS for investors in eBay to be concerned about!

The book also explains many of the everyday SCAMS eBay is allowing to run on their site.

The author is involved in several states investigations of eBay for FRAUD.

One of the most shocking revelations in this book, is how eBay admits in their seldom read SEC filings, that FRAUD is the major problem they face, and how huge numbers of consumers are filing complaints against them.

The author is a expert on Authentication of Autographs and Sportscards.

He is the author of several other books on Fraud, such as Beware of Fake Autographs and Beware of Fake Sportscards.

He is also the founder of two Authentication Services for Sports Memorabilia. Authenticard and Authentigraph.

He was in the news recently for suing another public company involved in Authentication Services over trademark infringement.

That company lost almost 40% of the value of its stock when news broke about that case. In that matter, a company with the stock symbol of ADAT, ended up being the first Public company to have to defend a CYBER SQUATTING case at the WIPO.

See our ADAT articles.

Well, eBay I think you met your match.

I can virtually GUARANTEE that the stock of eBay will start to drop like a stone, as news of this book and the actions of eBay in banning it spread in the media.

The actions of eBay trying to keep this book from buyers on eBay, will now make many more people aware of the rampant fraud at eBay.

If I owned any stock in eBay, I would sell it NOW.

For the record, I don't own any stock in eBay and I never have and most likely never will.

eBay has trampled all over the US Constitution by trying to ban this book.

In the emails I've been sent by the author, that came from eBay in regards to canceling all auctions he had running for the book on their site, eBay states as a laughable just cause to cancel the auctions that the link to our site was enough reason!

Yes, eBay listed a reason to cancel an auction for the book, as a link to this news site!

I had to laugh when I read that.

Another idiotic cancellation notice from eBay to the author implied there was no actual item for sale.

I have a copy of the ebook, it's rather large. I can state positively, the eBook exists.

The author has told me, that he "plans on starting a CLASS ACTION against eBay for FRAUD."

He said, "The Buyer Fraud Protection at eBay is a scam. It is designed to exclude the vast majority of auctions at ebay."

He also says, he "will be starting a possible second class action against eBay, over the way eBay canceled his auctions".

The author states that "eBays ban on other items in book form associated with subjects eBay deems unfit, is a clear cut case of 1st Amendment abuse against inhibiting Free Speech and the Press."

"eBays recently imposed a ban on items related to famous killers including books and artwork done by them, is a gross violation of the 1st amendment", according to the author of BEWARE OF FRAUD ON EBAY!

"As is the ban on any item associated with Nazi Germany", he added.

"Mein Kamph, a famous historical book written by Hitler, is banned on eBay if you apply their NO NAZI PROPAGANDA rules." he also said.

Has eBay gone too far in trying to be politically correct?

eBay is a Public US company, and the recent actions of eBay show they have NO CONCEPT of FREEDOM OF SPEECH and FREEDOM OF THE PRESS!

We're devoting a whole page to eBay and this breaking story. Here it is.

Anyway, short eBay and make some huge gains as word of eBays book ban spreads!


I feel like I'm back in the 60's.

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