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Did Corporate America Kill Angelo Bruno?
Assassination of Popular Philly Crime Boss Connected to Atlantic City Extortion!
By Senior Editor of 24 7 News Net
The 24 7 News Wire

24 7 News Net Wire
August 8th, 2001

Angelo Bruno has been dead for a long time. Over 21 years. He was assassinated in Philadelphia March 21st 1980.

On the Equinox of Spring.

People that write about such things as MAFIA HITS with no real clue as to what happened, have accused long dead Tony Bananas as the killer of the Docile Don.

At the time that Bruno was killed, Bruno was THE BOSS of the Philadelphia Crime Family.

Nicky Scarfo was in charge of the Atlantic City area for the Bruno family.

Scarfo was originally sent to Atlantic City before Casinos came to town, in what some say was a form of punishment or banishment.

Once Casinos came to Atlantic City, the Bruno family prospered, and Little Nicky Scarfo was in control of a major money maker for the Bruno crime family.

The major racket in Atlantic City for the Bruno family at that time, was run by Little Nicky in the late 70's and early 80's. It was controlling the Labor Unions in Atlantic City.

Ramada a publicly held Hotel Chain in the 70's and 80's, bought the Tropicana in Las Vegas in the late 70's, from what a source of mine claims was an ownership that had deep mob ties.

My source also told me that Ramada used a European Executive groomed in Ramada International, to skim money from the cage in the Tropicana once they bought it, in order to payoff the mob interests that were connected to the Tropicana ownership in the 70's that sold out to Ramada.

My source stated that the European Executive in charge of THE SKIM for Ramada was Girard Hallier, who was a former Vice President at Ramada located in Phoenix in the 70's and 80's.

My source told me, that Girard Hallier was a major player in the development of the Atlantic City Tropicana.

A long time employee of Ramada and now Aztar (a public company that was formed in 1989 to take over the casino interests of Ramada), confirmed to me that Girard Hallier was in charge of Development in Atlantic City and a former Vice President of Ramada, who may have even been a President of a Ramada subsidiary such as Ramada International.

She also confirmed that Ramada experienced a lot of Labor troubles during the construction of the Atlantic City Tropicana.

Ramada was founded by Marion Isbell and his son Bill Isbell took over for him in the 70's, around the time that Ramada was starting to obtain interests in casinos.

Mr. Snell took over from Bill Isbell in the 80's.

The present President of the public company (Aztar Symbol AZR) that owns both the Tropicana in Las Vegas and Atlantic City is Paul Rubeli.

My source told me that Girard Hallier controlled business property in Phoenix connected to pornography.

One business was located in a property directly owned by Girard Hallier in Phoenix.

The business was well know in the 80's for being a major force in the Phoenix Porno Trade.

Girard Hallier is said to have stated to my source, that Nicky Scarfo was causing Ramada a major problem in the building of the Tropicana Casino, through the control of the Labor Union by the Philly Mob.

My source stated that Girard Hallier claimed to have been in Philadelphia the day Angelo Bruno was assassinated.

My source also claimed, that Girard Hallier stated he had a bag full of money (millions of dollars) skimmed from the cage of the Las Vegas Tropicana to give to Angelo Bruno as a payoff to allow Ramada to build the Tropicana in Atlantic City. The money was due to be delivered the day Bruno was killed.

My source even stated that Girard Hallier implied to him, that Bruno was assassinated by a professional hit man from Europe. Due entirely to the fact Nicky Scarfo tried to extort Millions from Ramada!

My source also stated that Girard Hallier told him of other deaths of relatively young men who died of HEART ATTACKS while in custody of Witness Protection for the US Government over these type of dealings in Las Vegas and Atlantic City.

My source further stated that Girard Hallier told him that the HEART ATTACKS were actually drug induced murders to keep information like this from ever coming to surface!

Girard Hallier is said to brag his family name Hallier is French for the title of ROYAL ASS WIPER. He claims his family root is traced back to one of the persons who had the job or royal duty of wiping the ass of King Louis XIV.

Girard Hallier is said to be in the Las Vegas area connected to a company doing commercial real estate deals.

Girard Hallier has a son that runs an advertising company in Las Vegas, Lawrence Hallier is his name.

Girard Hallier claims to have been the originator of the term "DISCOTECH", since he claims he was a partner in the original Whiskey A Go Go in Europe.

Girard Hallier is also said to claim he won a French Sommier of the Year Award in the late 50's or early 60's.

Did Corporate America kill Angelo Bruno?

No one was ever charged with the murder of Angelo Bruno.

Can it be, that if you try to extort millions from Corporate America you get killed?

The Title for a book on this should be " Corporate Hit - The Murder of Angelo Bruno!"

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