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Beware of Fraud on Ebay!
Major Fraud Connected to Nets Top Auction Site
By Senior Editor of 24 7 News Net
The 24 7 News Wire

24 7 News Net Wire
August 1st, 2001

Close to 3% of all internet transaction involve FRAUD states recent reports about eCommerce!

Over 90% of that FRAUD is connected to Auction sites like eBay say the same reports!

In a SHOCKING NEW BOOK BEWARE OF FRAUD ON EBAY which is a book about FRAUD ON LINE and in particular FRAUD ON EBAY, the dirty facts of on line SCAMS is laid bare!

BEWARE OF FRAUD ON EBAY was written by the founder of two FRAUD PROTECTION companies in the Sports Collectibles Industry. One company www.Authentigraphs.net deals with authentication services for autographs, and the other www.Authenticards.com deals with authentication services for sports cards.

Recently eBay was heavily investigated for complicity in FRAUD by the New York State attorney general for knowingly allowing counterfeit sports items in auctions!

This is the third book written by the author of BEWARE OF FRAUD ON EBAY on FRAUD in general.

The shocking truth is, eBay appears to be helping the scam artists by their business practices.

At eBay, a FEEDBACK system is in place that allows buyers and sellers to note comments about if a person performs according to rules of eBay that govern what buyers and sellers must do in auctions.

It seems that eBay often allows people to continue to trade on their site, even though a high percentage of complaints have been lodged against an eBay trader.

What is the threshold of BAD TRADES eBay allows before they pull the plug on a client? (I've personally seen many Feedback profiles at eBay with more than a 5% NEGATIVE rating!)

I can't tell you that exact figure, since eBay is almost impossible to reach on the phone.

In fact, a receptionist refused to give me her name, the direct number to their press relations department, or even the names of anyone at eBay to help me with my story.

Exactly as the new eBook BEWARE OF FRAUD ON EBAY claims, it is impossible to reach anyone by phone at eBay. I'm sure the SEC won't like how eBay handles public inquiries!

I know the author of BEWARE OF FRAUD ON EBAY and I've been aware for many months of things he says is going on eBay.

For instance, eBay promotes heavily that they have BUYER PROTECTION FOR FRAUD on their site.

Yet the fine print at eBay makes the vast majority of it's transaction UNCLAIMABLE in regards to fraud protection.

This appears to be a very deceptive business practice at eBay, so deceptive that several states Attorney General Offices appear to be investigating eBay FOR FRAUD over how they deceive the public over their so called BUYER FRAUD PROTECTION!

For example, if you use eBay you THINK you have FRAUD PROTECTION, until you buy something and get scammed.

When you try to make a fraud claim, you find out you can't file a claim due to the small print at eBay that excludes the vast majority of it's transactions.

It would be like Ford having a WARRANTY, that when you tried to file a claim, most of the claims were not permitted due to small print!

Anyway, I'm sure you will be hearing more about THE FRAUD OF EBAY upon it's customers through their business practice of denying most FRAUD CLAIMS!

Before you buy at eBay, BEWARE OF FEEDBACK, since eBay allows many people to have repeat FRAUD COMPLAINTS and do nothing about it!

I've seen the feedback of many people myself at eBay where several people WARN OF FRAUD, yet they person still has the right to sell or buy on eBay.

I've seen emails where people that complain about FRAUD at eBay then get emails from eBay complaining that person complained!

Now eBay is worth about 18 Billion or so on the stock market.

When the public finds out how terrible they run their own business in regards TO FRAUD, I'm sure that stock will be heading south where it belongs IN MY OPINION!

When I call a public company and have the receptionist tell me I CAN'T GET THEIR NAME, SHE CAN'T GIVE ME ANYONE'S NAME, she can't give me any phone numbers to handle my questions, I THINK THAT COMPANY SHOULD BE TAKEN OF THE EXCHANGE!

eBay, you refused to give out PUBLIC INFORMATION to me that the SEC says you have to give out.

I sure won't be ever using eBay.

Their customer service is HORRIBLE, exactly as the eBook BEWARE OF FRAUD ON EBAY states.

If you want to learn about some of the SCAMS being run on eBay in order to protect yourself then make sure you check out BEWARE OF FRAUD ON EBAY.

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