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PROOF Rash of US School Shootings Connected!
What the Mainstream Media is HIDING about US School Shootings
By Senior Editor of 24 7 News Net
The 24 7 News Wire

24 7 News Net Wire
July 31st, 2001

From 1996 to 2000 there were nine major US school shootings.

What the government and main stream media KNOWS and is refusing to tell the public is that ALL NINE SCHOOL SHOOTINGS struck on two straight lines! See Map Below!

The odds of that occurring due to CHANCE, is many Trillions to 1!

The US Secret Service is now in charge of investigating all school shootings.


In 1995 a person who is now one of the most written about people on the Internet, warned the US government that the SLAUGHTER OF THE INNOCENT was about to occur and he gave the locations where the first nine US school shootings then struck!

He put that information into a US Federal case (96 CV 1499), in which he sued the US Government and various agecies of the US government such as the Secret Service!

That person goes by the name SOLLOG.

If you check any search engine for SOLLOG, you will find thousands of pages about him on line!

He is literally one of the most written about people in the world ON LINE, yet the major media REFUSES TO WRITE ABOUT SOLLOG!

The FACT is SOLLOG put the locations where NINE US SCHOOL SHOOTINGS then occurred in a US Federal case in early 1996, and case 96CV 1499 is indeed in the US Federal court system located in Philadelphia.

That district of the US Federal court system is also called the Eastern District of Pennsylvania..

He even placed a map in the case record in early 1996, that showed where the first nine school shootings would later occur.

We have the map of the future US school shooting locations from his case, which has two lines drawn on it, and the lines are where the shootings then struck. It is in our Members Area.

We also have all the documents from his case in our Members Area which you can JOIN FOR FREE!

All of these documents have been on file in case 96CV 1499 in the US Federal Court House in Philadelphia since February 1996.

The main stream media KNOWS THIS!

The US Government KNOWS THIS!

Yet the public hasn't been told that these school shootings, so called RANDOM EVENTS, were not random at all.

The mere FACT that they all struck on two perfectly straight lines from 1996 to 2000 and EXACTLY WHERE SOLLOG WARNED in a US Federal court case is PROOF the events were manipulated!

Why would anyone manipulate little children to shoot each other on perfectly straight lines?

SOLLOG who WARNED where these shootings would occur stated in case 96CV 1499 that these events were PLANNED to show mankind the FUTURE IS KNOWN to him!

SOLLOG says that FUTURE includes the use of NUKES in acts of TERRORISM very soon!

Can it be that some form of intelligence THAT KNOWS OUR FUTURE actually manipulated little kids TO KILL IN PATTERNS on a map to WARN THE MASSES of the coming age of NUKE TERRORISM?

The media has refused to report about this bizarre yet true LINE OF SHOOTINGS!

Such a SHOCKING FACT that little kids could be MANIPULATED to kill at the will of some intelligence is TOO BEYOND the realm of possibility for most in the media to grasp! Yet THE LINES and the SOLLOG WARNINGS PROVE the shootings were planned and manipulated events!

If you look at any map of the US and plot these events, you too will SEE THAT MANY EVENTS are all interconnected to straight lines on a US Map. Such a bizarre pattern is way beyond chance!

The rash of US school shootings started near JACKSON MISSISSIPPI in a little town named Perl. Jackson Mississippi was a key location given in case 96CV 1499 by SOLLOG!

Perl happens to be on a STRAIGHT LINE on a US MAP when you connect Miami to Oklahoma City to Eugene Oregon.

Kip Kingle killed many in Springfield Oregon which is next to Eugene Oregon. The Kip Kingle murders were yet another school shooting ON THE LINE.

The EXACT MIDDLE location on a US map when you connect Springfield Oregon to Perl Mississippi is LITTLETON COLORADO, the site of the COLUMBINE MASSACRE the WORST SCHOOL SHOOTING in US history!

Why doesn't the major media report that Columbine is THE EXACT MIDDLE LOCATION of the line that connects two other famous school shootings to each other?

On that same LINE OF DEATH is the location where the Oklahoma City Bombing occurred! Which was the WORST ACT OF TERRORISM in US history.

Jon Benet Ramsey was sacrificed in Boulder Colorado ON THE SAME LINE!

When you extend the line to the Miami area, you have the location of the Johnny Versace SACRIFICE in Miami plus the location where Valujet 592 crashed!

You also have the location where Hurricane Andrew the WORST HURRICANE to hit the US struck!

Nathaniel Brazzil also shot his teacher near MIAMI on THE LINE! He was 13 years old. He just got 28 years with NO PAROLE in his case!

Two more shootings hit THAT LINE from Miami to Eugene Oregon.

A school shooting struck in Fort Gibson Oklahoma near Oklahoma City.

Another school shooting struck north of Eugene Oregon and south of Seattle.

That's SIX US SCHOOL SHOOTINGS on one line. And many other HEADLINE TRAGEDIES hit the same line, such as the worst hurricane in US history, the worst act of terrorism in US history and even the worst series of twisters hit the Oklahoma City area on the same line!

Three other major school shootings struck in the US from 1996 to 2000.

One hit Jonesboro Arkansas, the other hit Peducah Kentucky and another hit Edinboro Pennsylvania.

Those three shootings are again ON A STRAIGHT LINE, which also defies all mathematical odds!

Extend that line and it intersects the Miami - Oklahoma City line near Hope Arkansas, the birthplace of Bill Clinton who was president during the rash of shootings!

Extend the line further and it hits WACO TEXAS, the location where the US government under Clinton KILLED almost 100 women and children over religious beliefs!


Most of the MAJOR TRAGEDIES in the US from 1995 to 2000 also struck on THE MIAMI TO OKLAHOMA CITY LINE!




And you now know THE LOCATIONS WHERE GIVEN in a US court case in Philadelphia in early 1996 with a WARNING, these things would occur TO WARN YOU NUKE TERRORISM IS NEAR!

The same WARNING states Israel is the first target of NUKE TERRORISM!

Then Rome Italy and then Washington DC.

We have the court records THAT PROVE the locations were given in case 96CV 1499 in our MEMBERS AREA which you can JOIN FOR FREE.

In 2001 the multiple school shootings in San Diego broke the pattern. Perhaps a new line is forming...

You can JOIN our site FOR FREE and view all the documents and articles we have on the school shootings and Sollog in our MEMBERS AREA.

You can find more about Sollog in most major search engines since many other sites report on him. We are the only site with the court records from his case!

If you are a MEMBER you can view all our School Shooting and Sollog articles and documents in our MEMBERS AREA.

SOLLOG is the author of over 20 books on mysticism.

SOLLOG is doing personal readings for limited time.

This is THE MAP of the LINES OF SOLLOG as it is called by fans of SOLLOG

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