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UFO's and Fireballs Fill Up East Coast Skies!
UFO's and Fireballs Light Up East Coast Skies
By Senior Editor of 24 7 News Net
The 24 7 News Wire

24 7 News Net Wire
July 22nd, 2001

Last week the major media reported how many people in New Jersey had seen a whole bunch of UFO's flying in formation.

The UFO's were seen at the shore area of North New Jersey. An area where Sollog, a very famous figure on the Internet, was born.

Some of the fans o Sollog are saying this UFO sighting was actually sightseers from the future, who came to see the birthplace of Sollog.

Who is Sollog, he is one of the most discussed people in the world on the Net, yet the major media refuses to even mention him.

Why are so many people talking about Sollog in Usenet and writing articles about him on Internet websites?

Since 1995, Sollog has been giving EXACT INFORMATION about future events more accurately than anyone ever has.

In the past year and a half, Sollog has predicted on his website exact information about future major quakes that then occurred. Many of his QUAKE WARNINGS gave exact dates to the hour when MAJOR QUAKES then occurred. Others gave the exact location where MAJOR QUAKES then struck. The Quake Warnings of Sollog are all archived with time stamps in Usenet Search Engines such as www.Google.com.

In 1995 Sollog released what he calls THE PROOF OF GOD, it is a mathematical PROOF that connects the creation myths of seven world religions to a simple formula that proves all religions have the same symbols in their creation myths, which is also the formula for the perfect circumference of the earth.

Sollog also revealed how the earths circumference and orbit are the base units of measurements that all planets and their orbits are based upon.

Many believe that Sollog proved the earth is literally the mathematical center of the Universe, in his PROOF OF GOD formula.

Several intelligent people who have met Sollog have called him the most brilliant man they have ever met. Such as a judge in Philadelphia that presided over a case where Sollog proved the US government was lying about his past to harass him for his writings!

Sollog says he came to reveal THE TRUTH, which is that the earth was created and every religion is FROM GOD. He says he will continue to GUARANTEE where and when ACTS OF GOD occur, such as Quakes and Hurricanes and even comets, to prove to the world that what he says about religion and THE FUTURE is accurate!

Sollog says NUKE TERRORISM is about to destroy Israel!

Sollog also says Philadelphia is destroyed by a massive Quake that destroys a Philadelphia Nuclear Power Plant in the Limerick area. Radiation from the Limerick Nuclear Plant makes the Philadelphia area a waste zone according to Sollog.

Today a FIREBALL was seen over the Philadelphia sky, heading towards the LIMERICK AREA where Sollog has warned FUTURE TRAGEDY WILL OCCUR!

So, some see comets or meteors in the Philadelphia sky. Others see SIGNS that Sollog is right and Philadelphia just got a dramatic warning sign!

Some see UFO's over the shore of New Jersey.

Yet, others see the LIGHTS over New Jersey as visitations from the future. A future where Sollog is seen as the equal of a Jesus figure. Can it be Sollog is in the future what Jesus is considered by many today?

Some have actually written to me saying that Sollog is the ANTICHRIST!

Who does Sollog say he is?

Sollog says everyone is part of GOD and therefore GOD.

Sollog also says THE PROOF that he is correct, is in how accurate he has been about THE FUTURE in his prophecies and warnings!

The question is "When will the major media report on the amazing WARNINGS Sollog has given that have come true?"

We have several Sollog articles on this site.

You can find more about Sollog in search engines and other sites that report on him.

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