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Great Quake hits South America!
8.1 Quake hits South America EXACTLY WHERE SOLLOG WARNED!
By Senior Editor of 24 7 News Net
The 24 7 News Wire

24 7 News Net Wire
June 23rd, 2001

Two weeks ago the most written about mystic on the Net who is known by the name Sollog, issued a QUAKE WARNING for a GREAT QUAKE in South America!

Sollog warned that a GREAT QUAKE (8.0+ range) would hit South America.

If you are on the email list of our site, you know a couple of weeks ago we told you Sollog was issuing a new QUAKE WARNING for South America!

If you are new to this site and the WARNINGS OF SOLLOG, then you want to see this TIME STAMPED PAGE from www.Google.com. It PROVES Sollog recently WARNED of the South American GREAT QUAKE!

Here is what CNN is reporting on the GREAT QUAKE in South America!

Now, some people have a hard time handling THE TRUTH, which is Sollog is giving exact information about future Quakes that then occur where and when he says.

And I will be the first to say, Sollog clearly stated two weeks ago, that July 14th was the key date of this warning.

So, you can say Sollog gave a date 20 days early.

However, a quake of that magnitude (8.1+) occurs about once every 800 days based upon the 30 year history database of the USGS (US Geological Survey). In fact here have only been 15 such GREAT QUAKES in the past 30 years anywhere in the world!

So, for anyone to be +/- 20 days for a 8.1+ quake quake prediction that actually hits anywhere in the world and be correct is 20 to 1 probable.

But, SOLLOG GAVE THE EXACT CONTINENT and named the exact line of longitude once again.

There has been ONLY 1 QUAKE in the 8.1+ RANGE IN SOUTH AMERICA SINCE 1973.

This quake is the 2nd one that large to hit South America, AND IT HIT ON ALMOST THE EXACT DATE SOLLOG SAID!

The odds for a 8.1+ Quake to hit South America +/- 20 days when Sollog made the WARNING was 260 to 1.

Here's the USGS history for South America for 30 years. ONE QUAKE in 30 years before the Sollog quake hit!

Which makes the true probability of a GREAT QUAKE occuring that close to where and when he said WAY BEYOND CHANCE. In fact the probability is way beyond 260 to 1, since Sollog gave an EXACT LOCATION that was then hit exactly where he said it would occur!

Yes Sollog fans, once again Sollog gave the exact location, since he stated the location he gave was only near the real epicenter.

Sollog stated in his QUAKE WARNING for a GREAT QUAKE in Sout America, that when the GREAT QUAKE occurred, it would connect on a line to Quito in Ecuador and El Salvador in Central America.

Check out a world map, the epicenter of this quake, about 100 miles west of Arequippa in Peru, is on a perfectly straight line that connects El Salvador, Quito and this quake.

In fact the exact area Sollog named IS THE MIDDLE OF THE LINE.

A code he is known to use!

All I know is that once again, an area near where Sollog warned, has a MAJOR QUAKE near when he says!

Anyone that doesn't admit that is A LIAR!

In the past year I have personally witnessed Sollog issue 7 WARNINGS for future QUAKES.

All 7 WARNINGS had remarkable hits. And we wrote articles on all of the quakes as they then occurred!

All 7 WARNINGS were about future Quakes, all 7 gave exact dates, all 7 gave exact locations.

The first 4 Warnings gave the EXACT DATES when rare 6.8+ quakes then struck. Two gave the exact hour. Three gave the exact continent and the line of latitude then struck.

The odds of anyone giving 4 exact dates in a row for such major quakes is astronomical.

For anyone to just hit the exact date for such a major quake is about 25 to 1 according to seismology professors.

When someone hits the exact hour as Sollog has done, the odds go way up to about 600 to 1.

When someone hits the exact continent and line of latitude as Sollog has done, the odds depending on the 30 year history of quakes near the event, can be as high as 4000 to 1.

In the last three WARNINGS issued by Sollog, he gave the EXACT LOCATION where major events then occurred.

He stated a week ago the ground would move in Quito, and now it did! It was the only event that was not an earthquake. But it was an ACT OF GOD and the ground did move, exactly as Sollog stated it would in Quito!

In April Sollog issued a WARNING for a major quake in the Solomon Islands, 2 days later 3 6.0+ quakes hit Solomons Island!

One of the quakes was the exact magnitude Sollog gave, that being in the 6.8+ range!

In March Sollog warned SW Japan was set for a major 6.8+ quake. In March the only quake in that range the whole month was a 6.8+ quake in SW Japan.

Sollog also predicts the locations where school shootings or tragedies occur. The last major school massacre was in SW Japan!

I have been in touch with many major media reporters over these amazing WARNINGS issued by Sollog.

Yet they don't mention them!

Sollog says HIS WARNINGS are the PROOF that NUKE TERRORISM is about to hit ISRAEL!

And what are you doing to spread his WARNING?

You can download FOR FREE the latest book on Sollog, The Prophecies of Sollog

For a limited time you can get a personal reading by Sollog, if you dare to want to know your future.

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