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Japan School Stabbing Massacre
Crazed killer stabs 30 in Osaka Japan!
By Senior Editor of 24 7 News Net

24 7 News Net Wire
June 8th, 2001

A crazed janitor has stabbed close to 30 students and teachers in Osaka Japan.

8 students have already died, of which 7 were girls.

Most of the victims were 1st and 2nd graders

This school massacre mirrors the school violence of the past several years in the US.

Only this massacre was said to have been carried out by a 37 year old janitor.

Osaka is located near Kobe Japan, in the southwest area of Japan.

A massive quake leveled Kobe in 1995 and a recent quake struck nearby this year near Hiroshima.

This MASSACRE struck the same area where earlier this year the famous mystic SOLLOG warned a major quake was to occur.

Within 3 days of the exact date given by SOLLOG , a major quake did strike southwest Japan.

SOLLOG gave the locations of where the first 9 US School Shootings occurred in the United States in a Federal Court record located in a 1996 case. The case number is 96CV 1499.

This tragedy occurred near the same latitude of the recent school shootings near San Diego in California in the United States.

The site of the recent disco bombing in Tel Aviv Israel, where 20 young students died, is also near the same line of latitude as Osaka and San Diego.

Look at a world map and see for yourself how Tel Aviv, Osaka and San Diego are all very close to the same line of latitude.

Just south of that line of latitude is where nine members of the royal family of Nepal were slaughtered by a member of that royal family.

Is a bizarre line of TRAGEDY once again forming where SOLLOG warned?

Fans of the infamous seer are saying this recent school massacre is connected to the warnings SOLLOG made for 2001!

Earlier this year 3 killer quakes struck areas located in between two areas SOLLOG named for major quakes in 2001.

The first 9 US school shootings struck on two straight lines that SOLLOG located on a map in 1995, which is part of an exhibit he filed in early 1996 in case 96CV 1499. That case has since been sealed.

If you want to read more about the KILLER LINES OF SOLLOG .

If you want to read about the Quake Predictions of SOLLOG .

SOLLOG is the author of over 20 books.

SOLLOG also does personal readings.


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