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Sollog's name rumored to be all over documents!
UPDATE! McVeigh Execution Postponed!
UPDATE! FBI states lost files contain info about PSYCHIC!
By Senior Editor of 24 7 News Net
The 24 7 News Wire

24 7 News Net Wire
May 11th, 2001

The day before the Oklahoma City Bombing occurred, 60 major executives that control the US media got a one page FAX that stated,

"Tomorrow April 19th THERE WILL BE A BIG BANG"

The FAX WARNING stated the target was named ALPHA.

The next day, A BIG BANG destroyed ALPHA, ALfred P murrAH building. The FAX WARNING had the first two letters, middle initial and last 2 letters of the building in THE WARNING.

THE FACT that someone gave EXACT INFORMATION about THE BOMBING the day before it occurred, made the sender of that fax warning THE KEY SUSPECT of the bombing.

That person is Sollog.

Sollog was detained by the US government immediately after the bombing.

The story is in case 96CV 1499, a case where Sollog sued the US government over the false arrest by the US government in regards to the Oklahoma City Bombing.

Sollog put EXACT INFORMATION about the death of Diana in France on 8/31 in that 1996 case, to PROVE HE KNOWS THE FUTURE.

Sollog says NUKE TERRORISM is near.

For years the list of 60 Media Executives Sollog named in the 1996 case, have been on his web site.

The former publishers of almost every major news paper are on the list.

Imagine being in the media and getting a FAX WARNING the day before the Oklahoma City Bombing occurred.

Right after the bombing occurred, most media outlets reported ON THE WARNING that many received.

Then it was hushed up, after the FBI realized THE WARNING came from a psychic.

Who had nothing to do with the bombing.

The list of the 60 executives who were then INTERVIEWED by the FBI about THE WARNING FAX is rumored to be in the MISSING FBI DOCUMENTS.

The people interviewed by the FBI in regards to Sollog, are rumored to be in THE MISSING FILES.

In the past year, Sollog has released Seven MAJOR QUAKE WARNINGS.

The first five warnings gave THE EXACT DATES when major 6.8+ quakes then occurred.

The most recent warnings gave THE EXACT LOCATIONS where the quakes occurred.

For more information on Sollog's Quake Predictions go to www.sollog.com.

Documents from the 1996 case where Sollog gave details about THE FAX he sent to the major executives in the US media are in a book about Sollog and his prophecies written by D.E. Alexander.

The book is featured on eBay right now, so get a copy to see THE OKLAHOMA CITY BOMBING FAX that is now coming to light due to THE LOST FBI FILES.


Sollog is doing personal readings for a limited time, get one now! From Sollog.


The Washington Post reported tonight May 11th, 2001

"The documents were discovered recently by the FBI and included evidence such as interview reports from the early investigation, one official said. When asked the quantity of the withheld evidence, that official answered, "Boxes.""

This further validates our claims that THE SOLLOG WARNING FAX INTERVIEWS are they key documents recently FOUND.


McVeigh execution Postponed at request of US Attorney General John Ashcroft


Associated Press reporter Karen Gullo reported May 24th, 2001

Documents related to a psychic were witheld (SOLLOG)

Documents related News Paper and Magazine articles were witheld (EXACTLY what is in case 96CV 1499)

Karen Gullo was given information about case 96CV 1499

Will she finally break news about the TRUTH?

Sollog WARNED the US about the Oklahoma City bombing!


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