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Sollog versus ADAT
Sollog harassed by executives at ADAT for year!
By D.E. Alexander of 24 7 News Net
The 24 7 News Wire

24 7 News Net Wire
April 18th, 2001

Sollog is one of the most written about and discussed people on the internet. Search Engines show 1000's of pages about him.

Sollog is the author of over 20 books. He has founded numerous software companies over his many years in business, which started in the mid 70's.

Sollog is the founder of TOH, one of the fastest growing religions in the world.

Sollog is infamous for his numerous lawsuits against the United States over nuclear technology.

In Sollog's legal filings against the US of A as he calls it, are dark warnings.

In 1995 Sollog started WARNING the key players in the US Government like then President Bill Clinton, that certain events would come to pass TO PROVE TO THE WORLD, what he says about nuke terrorism and Israel is real.

Some of the events located in the cases of Sollog he foretold, Diana's death in France on 8/31, the continuation of the Kennedy curse and plane crashes, the locations where the first nine US school shootings would occur.

Sollog is also known to have faxed exact details of the Oklahoma City bombing to most of the major media in the US the day before the tragedy occurred.

Recently, Sollog has been hitting exact locations and dates of future major earthquakes.

Over the past few years, Sollog has appeared on most of the major radio talk shows in and outside the US.

Now Sollog is making news again, as I reported earlier, Sollog has a trademark infringement matter with ADAT (Nasdaq symbol).

The company is Authentidate Holding Companies, formerly known as Bitwise Designs.

ADAT, also owns DJS - Computer Professionals.

In my most recent interview with Sollog, I asked Sollog how the matter with ADAT was going. Sollog stated he was told of the offer by ADAT to transfer the domains with his legal trademark to him, if he would sign a release preventing him from the right to sue ADAT for the illegal use of his name for over 1 year.

Sollog stated "Hell would freeze over before that occurred!"

Sollog also pointed out, ADAT through it's various business activities have been harassing him and his companies almost since the day they started in the mid 80's.

Sollog developed proprietary software for the Automotive Industry in the 80's. Over the years it became the top selling software solution for that Industry in the Delaware Valley. Sollog also dealt with the legal and medical industry through several companies over the years.

In the 80's and 90's, Computer Professionals a division of ADAT, was a direct competitor of Sollog, as ADAT is still to this day.

Sollog stated, "The blatant theft of my trademark by ADAT, was a direct attack upon me by the same people that have been harassing me, my companies and my clients for years."

Sollog explained, "Over the years Computer Professionals crossed my path on many occasions. The sales team directly targeted my huge client list in the Delaware Valley. They copied our sales tools such as brochures. And their sales staff used outright lies to try to steal our clients."

Sollog further elaborated, "The act of a direct competitor registering my trademark for a domain, and the blatant attempt to steal it with a request of cancellation filled with lies, shows what a low life company ADAT is."

Sollog also stated, "The public needs to know ADAT cannot be trusted to any degree, based upon actions like the attempted theft of my property, that being my trademark. Their attempts to venture into a field where TRUST is a major principal for success, will meet with failure! They cannot be trusted based upon my experience over many years as a competitor and now a victim!"

Sollog then said, "The very fact that ADAT is most likely the first public traded company that will have to defend itself in a trademark dispute over cyber squatting with the WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization), is proof to the public they can't be trusted! Why is ADAT the first public company caught cyber squatting? Why did ADAT register the trademark of a major competitor they have victimized for years!""

Sollog ended with this warning, "ADAT is nothing but SUS SCROFA! Caveat Emptar!"

Recently a few people I know have been combing through the various web sites of ADAT, on a key page for their MAJOR PRODUCT Authentidate, ADAT is still explaining how beneficial it will be for potential Y2K problems. WAKE UP, that was almost a year and a half ago!

Several people I know have joined the trial version of Authentidate, they attempted to do things such as purchase additional units for storage, and the web site refused connection to an order server.

It sure looks like Authentidate is not in business. Although they claim their IT solution is in beta version through press releases. There is no warning the personal version of Authentidate is in beta at all. They promote it as a ready product on their site.

ADAT has lost 10% of it's value in a few days since this news story first broke.

Sollog has stated he will be asking for EXEMPLARY DAMAGES in a US lawsuit against ADAT. Such a suit is where a defendant can be severely punished by a jury to SET AN EXAMPLE to future defendants doing the same thing.

Since ADAT is claimed by Sollog to be the first publicly traded CYBER SQUATTER, that allows the use of an exemplary damage request in his matter!

ADAT could be ordered to pay Sollog an obscene amount of money by a jury in the future for cyber squatting. And the huge amount is allowable not to reward Sollog for damages, but to send a message to future public traded companies that cyber squat!


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