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David versus Goliath
First NASDAQ company accused of CYBER SQUATTING by an individual
By D.E. Alexander of 24 7 News Net
The 24 7 News Wire

24 7 News Net Wire
April 14th, 2001

Sollog, is making news again! This time he is the proverbial DAVID and his opponent a 100 Million dollar publicly traded NASDAQ Company otherwise known as GOLIATH!

We broke the story the other day that a NASDAQ company was being accused of ILLEGAL TRADEMARK USE!

What we didn't know then, is that the INDIVIDUAL who owns the trademark being ILLEGALLY USED by a PUBLICLY TRADED COMPANY, is about to sue that company (symbol ADAT) for being a CORPORATE CYBER SQUATTER with both the WIPO and within the US legal system as well!

Trademarks worth cyber squatting on, are usually illegally registered by individuals that try to make corporations then pay for the rights to use their own trademarks.

CYBER SQUATTING is badly looked upon by the legal system. And blatant trademark infringement matters are handle in around 30 days by the WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization).

Sollog explained to me today, when I asked him what he was going to do to ADAT for using his trademark for over 1 year without his permission (even though he told them over a half of a year ago to stop when he first found out about it), that he was about to sue ADAT for being a CORPORATE CYBER SQUATTER!

Sollog explained this will most likely be a precedent setting case, in that he as an individual that owns a trademark, has to sue a publicly traded company to get his name back! There are around 2400 Domain Name infringement disputes on file at the WIPO. And from what I hear, not one is an individual suing an publicly traded company for using an individuals trademark. This case is literally the first DAVID versus GOLIATH case at the WIPO. It's always the other way around, GOLIATH the publicly traded company suing to enforce Goliaths trademark over a David, an individual trying to use the publicly traded companies trademark!

Yes, ADAT a publicly traded Goliath worth 100 Million on the NASDAQ, is in the unique position of being most likely the first publicly traded company to be sued for illegally registering the trademark of an individual!

Sollog says that ADAT will now be known as THE CORPORATE CYBER SQUATTER!

Sollog also explained, that he is going to be asking for extraordinary damages in his case against ADAT in a seperate US legal matter!

Sollog said, that since something as evil as out right theft by a corporation has occured, the jury in his case will be given a unique legal opportunity.

In a precedent setting case like this, where a defendant like ADAT is accused of FRAUD and MALICIOU INTENT to harm, the jury gets to send a MESSAGE to the defendant.

It's known in legal circles as AN EXEMPLARY DAMAGE REWARD!

Most damages awarded by juries are for actual damages.

But in this case, THE JURY WILL GET THE OPPORTUNITY to set AN EXAMPLE for damages for this type of dirty behavior!

It is actually a PUNISHMENT to ADAT, that the Jury can reward to Sollog.

Sollog has also said, that the award will be trebled (tripled) by the jury as well, since the actions of ADAT where done with intent and knowledge!

So in the future, when you hear about THE CORPORATE CYBER SQUATTER CASE, it is the Sollog versus ADAT case! The DAVID versus GOLIATH cyber squatting case!

The case where a jury gets TO PUNISH ADAT for CYBER SQUATTING!

Sollog after all says, one of the BIG TEN RULES is THOU SHALL NOT STEAL!

And that is what cyber squatting is.

Anyway, you heard it here first!

ADAT is THE CORPORATE CYBER SQUATTER, or at least that is what Sollog says he calls them in his case!

Sollog says the jury will view ADAT as a 100 Million Dollar bully that cyber squatted on his trademark for over one year, and who refused to release his property to him!

He says a jury will see this case as simple THEFT OF PROPERTY!

He says it isn't often a jury of individuals gets the chance TO PUNISH CORPORATE AMERICA!

We'll keep you posted when the case is filed, I hear it will be early next week! At least the WIPO portion of it. And possibly the US case where Sollog will be literally asking a jury to slay GOLIATH with a huge EXEMPLARY DAMAGE AWARD!

Editors Update

Monday April 16th, ADAT closed down over 7% from the previous close.

So far ADAT has lost close to 10 Million Dollars since this story broke.

Repeated calls to the offices of ADAT (AHC - Authentidate Holding Companies) on Monday resulted in Mr. Botti the CEO of ADAT either being no in or in a meeting.

Repeated calls to Abernathy and MacGregor their investor relations firm, resulted in Jennifer Jenkins never answering our phone calls.

Numerous media sources have been in contact with 24 7 News Net over this matter.

Editor Update April 17th 2001

Abernathy and MacGregor referred me back to ADAT for comment. The person they referred me to did not answer his phone all day, that being Richard Reichgut of ADAT.

Repeated calls again to John Botti the CEO of ADAT, again resulted in the answering machine for John Botti only answering his line.

Both Botti and Reichgut didn't answer their phone lines once today in about 5 attempts to reach them.

To anyone in management at ADAT that wishes to comment on the ADAT articles at 247 News Net, you can reach me at Editor@247news.net if you wish to comment.

I have better things to do, that call your numbers all day to get a response to something you obviously wish to ignore.

Editor Update April 17th 2001

Business Review reporter confirms story and says ADAT will be changing their name!

Business Review Article

Editor Update April 19th 2001

ADAT hit 5.50 per share today at one point, that meant the stock was DOWN CLOSE TO 20% since trademark story broke.

Last minute activity caused stock to gain slightly

ADAT still down significantly from when trademark story was released.

Editor Update April 23rd 2001

The main website of ADAT www.authentidate.com has been down for a couple of days.

Whois information maintained by NSI (Network Solutions), shows the domain www.authentidate.com has been EXPIRED since March 19th 2001.

Since ADAT is a competitor of Verisign, the CIA connected company that controls NSI, the suspicious EXPIRED status of www.Authentidate.com, may be corporate sabotage!

Verisign stands to profit the most from negative press about all the recent ADAT problems.

Was it a CIA agent that whispered in the ears of ADAT to register Sollog's domain name?

ADAT again traded down today!

Editor Update April 24th 2001

The usual Sollog bashers are now filling financial news boards with the usual lies about Sollog

If you are a Sollog fan and wish to support Sollog against ADAT, then feel free to post your feelings about Sollog at

Financial message board attacking Sollog

Just go there and register and then post what you think of Sollog there!


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