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ADAT caught using TRADEMARK of Sollog
By D.E. Alexander of 24 7 News Net
The 24 7 News Wire

24 7 News Net Wire
April 12th, 2001

Sollog, we write about him all the time on this site.

He's known all over the world for his QUAKE PREDICTIONS.

Apparently tomorrow, a major NASDAQ technology company will be shaking from Sollog's demands, much as the ground has in the past.

Sollog aka John Ennis, is the registered TRADEMARK OWNER of Authentigraph. Sollog is well known for his expertise in GUARANTEEING not only sports cards but autographs as well.

ADAT are the symbols of Authentidate Holding Company formerly known as Bitwise Technologies.

If you look at the recent filing known as a 10Q for ADAT, signed by John Botti it's CEO and President, it is mentioned repeatedly by ADAT of the planned used for AUTHENTIGRAPH in the future, that name is the REGISTERED TRADEMARK of Sollog.

It is very clear, that ADAT is telling shareholders in its recent filings that they plan to use AUTHENTIGRAPH in the Sports Memorbilia Authentication field.

The PROBLEM FOR ADAT IS, Sollog aka John Ennis IS THE LEGAL OWNER OF THE TRADEMARK AUTHENTIGRAPH in the field of Sports Memorbilia.

I spoke briefly with Sollog about this matter today. He says ADAT and Mr. Botti was told over 6 months ago well before their latest SEC filing, TO CEASE AND DESIST from using his LEGAL TRADEMARK!

He says ADAT is not authorized to use HIS TRADEMARK.

He still uses the name, and in fact has DEMANDED ADAT sign over AUTHENTIGRAPH.com to him, since HE OWNS THE TRADEMARK and their continued use of AUTHENTIGRAPH.com in SEC filings and online is an ILLEGAL USE of his TRADEMARK.

The offices of ADAT were closed when I called them today, to get ADAT's reasoning as to why Mr. Botti didn't REVEAL to his SHAREHOLDERS as REQUIRED in 10Q and S3 filings, THE FACT that the real owner of AUTHENTIGRAPH (Sollog aka John Ennis) is demanding that ADAT STOP USING HIS TRADEMARK!

It is required in 10Q and S3 filings by the SEC, that such IMPORTANT information as the fact that a PUBLIC TRADED COMPANY doesn't own the name they use in business be disclosed to shareholders. Since ADAT could have great legal problems for contined use of the TRADEMARK owned by Sollog.

I'm sure the SEC will agree, that such a major problem for ADAT should have been DISCLOSED in the recent 10Q and S3 filings to the SEC.

So, in the next session when ADAT opens on the NASDAQ and when investors find out what you now know, ADAT a 100 Million dollar company as of today's close, will most likely be well down by the end of trading in the next session!

Yes, it looks like ADAT will be a great stock to short in the next session!

I guess that the fanatical fans of Sollog can now say, SOLLOG MADE WALL STREET SHAKE just like the ground does in his quake predictions!

Or at least the value of ADAT most likely will!

The FACT that Sollog aka John Ennis OWNS AUTHENTIGRAPH is at this US Government Trademark site - lookup AUTHENTIGRAPH

The FACT that ADAT uses that name all over their latest SEC filing, well after Sollog DEMANDED that ADAT stop using his TRADEMARK, is at ADAT 10Q

Will another Sollog PROPHECY be fulfilled?

He wrote in 1995, 1 year after he TRADEMARKED AUTHENTIGRAPH, that the Wall Street Journal would be the first major news company to bring him fame!

I hear they are already working on the story...

Editor Update

On April 13th CFO Dennis Bunt of AHC was questioned as to if he was AWARE of any disputes surrounding AUTHENTIGRAPH

Mr. Bunt replied "I am unaware but our attorneys are handling that matter!"

When I asked Mr. Bunt how he could be UNAWARE of a matter his attorney's are handling he stated, "Our attorneys are handling that matter and you need to speak with Mr. Botti the CEO!"

The FACT IS, months before the recent filings by ADAT with the SEC, the management of AHC was WELL AWARE the name they were using was owned by Sollog!

That FACT should have been disclosed to shareholders of ADAT!

Mr. Botti was again not in the office for comment.

Abernathy and MacGregor was called to comment, since AHC is a client of the Investors Relations Firm in New York City. Jennifer Jenkins stated she was also UNAWARE of any Trademark problems with AHC and would be back in touch with me after she finds out why AHC didn't fully disclose such a problem in their most recent SEC filings.

In regards to any references to the Wall Street Journal, more than 1 reporter at the WSJ has been in contact with 24 7 over many months due to our coverage of the Sollog Quake Prediction Phenomena besides this recent Sollog related news story.

We have no control over the WSJ and only know contact in regards to Sollog information has been on going for quite some time and this event is only another Sollog related issue that has been discussed with more than 1 reporter at the WSJ.

Will the WSJ do a major story on Sollog as his 1995 prophecies state?

Time will tell!

Further Update

Abernathy and MacGregor through Jennifer Jenkins stated Friday afternoon, that on Monday her client would have comments for us on this matter.

Editor Update April 16th 2001

Both the CEO of ADAT (John Botti) and Jennifer Jenkins the person at Abernathy and MacGregor that handles investor relations for AHC, could not be reached for comment today after numerous calls.

Mr. Botti was either not in or in a meeting upon all our calls.

Jennifer Jenkins never picked up her line to answer our calls via the switch board of Abernathy and MacGregor.

ADAT lost over 7% of it's value today in trading. Close to 10 Million dollars of its market capitalization.

Editor Update April 17th 2001

Abernathy and MacGregor referred me back to ADAT for comment. The person they referred me to did not answer his phone all day, that being Richard Reichgut of ADAT.

Repeated calls again to John Botti the CEO of ADAT, again resulted in the answering machine for John Botti only answering his line.

Both Botti and Reichgut didn't answer their phone lines once today in about 5 attempts to reach them.

To anyone in management at ADAT that wishes to comment on the ADAT articles at 247 News Net, you can reach me at Editor@247news.net if you wish to comment.

I have better things to do, that call your numbers all day to get a response to something you obviously wish to ignore.

Editor Update April 17th 2001

Business Review reporter confirms story and says ADAT will be changing their name!

Business Review Article

Editor Update April 19th 2001

ADAT hit 5.50 per share today at one point, that meant the stock was DOWN CLOSE TO 20% since trademark story broke.

Last minute activity caused stock to gain slightly

ADAT still down significantly from when trademark story was released.

Editor Update April 23rd 2001

The main website of ADAT www.authentidate.com has been down for a couple of days.

Whois information maintained by NSI (Network Solutions), shows the domain www.authentidate.com has been EXPIRED since March 19th 2001.

Since ADAT is a competitor of Verisign, the CIA connected company that controls NSI, the suspicious EXPIRED status of www.Authentidate.com, may be corporate sabotage!

Verisign stands to profit the most from negative press about all the recent ADAT problems.

Was it a CIA agent that whispered in the ears of ADAT to register Sollog's domain name?

ADAT again traded down today!

Editor Update April 24th 2001

The usual Sollog bashers are now filling financial news boards with the usual lies about Sollog

If you are a Sollog fan and wish to support Sollog against ADAT, then feel free to post your feelings about Sollog at

Financial message board attacking Sollog

Just go there and register and then post what you think of Sollog there!


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