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By D.E. Alexander of 24 7 News Net
The 24 7 News Wire

24 7 News Net Wire
April 11th, 2001


FNBO i.e. First National Bank of Omaha runs and controls many internet web sites that have been implicated in charges of INTERNET FRAUD and is apparently under investigation by Attorney General Offices in numerous states according to our source that was allegedly personally ripped off for a five figure sum by FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF OMAHA!

First National Bank of Omaha is said to be one of the top processors of Visa and Mastercard transactions in the country. Some say it is the 7th largest processor of Visa and Mastercard transactions.

What most don't know, is that First National Bank of Omaha also owns many internet domains that TARGET Internet Merchants to use FNBO (First National Bank of Omaha) for their INTERNET TRANSACTIONS.

One such domain is www.FOOMP.com, registered and owned by First National Bank of Omaha.

FOOMP is First Of Omaha Merchant Processing.

Now FOOMP is owned by FNBO and until recently FNBO was the major owner of RPSI Inc. located in Houston Texas.

RPSI Inc runs www.retrieveronline.com, which although it is registered to RPSI in Houston, shares all the exact same names in the Contact, Technical and Billing info maintained by Internic and viewable to the public via a whois search. Yes, Network Solutions (Internic) gives the exact same names of people that control all of the FNBO domains as the same people that control the RPSI website in Texas that is accused of ripping off Merchants like my source!

FNBO is said to have a large interest still in RPSI. 20% or more from what my source says he was told by staff at FNBO.

RPSI sent my source a cancellation notice a short time after he started to use FNBO to process his thousands of transactions for his internet company.

Said cancellation notice from RPSI states the INTERNET MERCHANT (my source) was being canceled for processing FOREIGN TRANSACTIONS.

Now, VISA has a rule, YOU MUST HONOR ANY VISA CARD presented to a business, regardless of if the person lives in the US, Canada or Asia.


FNBO knows Internet Merchants like my source have foreign customers outside the US, as does almost any Internet Merchant.

Yet, FNBO targets INTERNET MERCHANTS through its web sites to use them for INTERNET TRANSACTIONS.

Then FNBO keeps the money due to such Internet Merchants from Visa and Mastercard transactions via the shell company they control in Texas, that being RPSI.

To make it simple, FNBO runs many web sites to entice INTERNET MERCHANTS doing foreign transactions to use them for processing. THEN THEY ILLEGALLY KEEP THE MONEY under the false claims RPSI doesn't allow FOREIGN TRANSACTIONS, something that is ILLEGAL according to Visa.

Why would FNBO do this?

Well, they could have literally MILLIONS of dollars if not BILLIONS in their possession INTEREST FREE that belong to Internet Merchants like my source. And they could use that money INTEREST FREE for as long as they want if they are running such a scam!

Around 600 BILLION DOLLARS was done ON LINE last year via internet merchants.

Most of it via Visa and Mastercard.

www.retrieveronline.com says it does BILLIONS in Visa and Mastercard processing.

The question apparently that ATTORNEY GENERALS in numerous states want to know is HOW MUCH OF THE BILLIONS is FNBO ripping off from INTERNET MERCHANTS like my source!

The Attorney General Office in Texas where RPSI is located has a new INTERNET FRAUD division.

From what I hear, they are very very interested in what FNBO and RPSI is doing to INTERNET MERCHANTS.

Bruce Lauritzen President of FNBO was unavailable for comment today as was Nick Baxter President of First Of Omaha Merchant Processing.

Bill Higgins President of RPSI in Texas was unavailable for comment today as well.

The public records office of the Attorney General in Nebraska verified complaints against FNBO have been made.

The Attorney General of Texas John Cornyn was not available for comment, but the web site of his office does heavily promote a special INTERNET FRAUD division exactly as my source stated he was in contact with for hours today.

If you are a merchant business and do business on the internet, BEWARE of FNOB, FOOMP, RPSI and IMS. All of these companies have been named by my source as party to what he calls a conspiracy to ripoff Internet Merchants!


If you work for FNBO, FOOMP or RPSI and want to comment on the facts in this article, I'll be happy to post them here.

Just answer this.

Did you get complaints recently from an internet company that you withheld many thousands of dollars from?

Do you openly solicit internet merchants?

Do you allow so called foreign transactions from your merchants?

Do you own any interest in RPSI Inc in Texas?


Is the number one rule at Visa YOU MUST HONOR ALL CARDS?

Did RPSI send anyone recently a cancellation notice stating the new merchant account was being CANCELED for ALLOWING FOREIGN TRANSACTIONS?

That all being said, answer the questions and I'll post them here and anything else you want to add to refute what is in this article!

UNTIL THEN MERCHANTS BEWARE, First National Bank of Omaha is said to be RIPPING OFF INTERNET MERCHANTS for thousands of dollars!

If you are an internet merchant and have been ripped off by FNBO or any other bank, email me.



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