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San Diego School Shooting
Bizarre Connection in US School Shootings!
By Senior Editor of 24 7 News Net
The 24 7 News Wire

24 7 News Net Wire
March 5th 2001

San Diego School Shooting.

It occurred in SANTEE at SANTANA High School.

Santana is an anagram of SATAN!

Charles Andrew Williams, a 15 year old freshman at Satana is the shooter.

Charles Andrew William, three names of princes in England. Is that an omen for the house of Windsor? Is tragedy about to hit Prince Charles, Prince Andrew or Prince William?

Or are school shootings about to jump the Atlantic and rock England?

Just last month, it was discussed all over usenet on the internet, that San Diego was a key city in the recent WARNINGS of Sollog.

Sollog is a well known MYSTIC, that gave the exact locations where many of the US school shootings struck, way back in 1995 in a US court case.

In 1996 Sollog sued the US government over Nuke Technology, and said HE WAS PUTTING A WARNING about near events into his case (96CV 1499 US Federal Court District Philadelphia) to show NUKE TERRORISM is near.

In that case he warned THE SLAUGHTER OF THE INNOCENT would occur on a straight line from Miami to south of Seattle.

It is now known as THE LINE OF SOLLOG on the net.

6 School Shootings have hit THE EXACT LINE Sollog mentioned in his case.

3 more school shootings struck on another line he mentioned in the same case.

In all 9 US school shootings have struck these two STRAIGHT LINES. In fact, until this San Diego shooting, every major multiple random school shootings was on these two lines!

Many other major TRAGEDIES, such as Waco, Oklahoma City Bombing, Jon Benet's Murder, Valujet 592 and Versaces' Murder!

Besides WARNING where US School Shootings would occur, the same case warned that DIANA WOULD DIE IN FRANCE on 8/31. She did!

Recently Sollog has been WARNING exact dates when 7.0+ range quakes would occur.

He has hit 4 EXACT DATES in a row for such quakes.

The odds according to seismologists is around 500,000 to 1, for anyone to name 4 correct dates in a row when major 7.0+ quakes would occur!

Many Sollog fans have been discussing how Sollog seemed to be POINTING to SAN DIEGO and March 1st in his recent Quake Warnings.

Since two key locations Sollog named in his recent quake warnings, both lie on lines of Latitude near the same line that San Diego is on.

One city is Jerusalem, the other location is near Japan on the near same latitude line as Jerusalem and San Diego.

Fans of Sollog noted CORRECTLY, that when you connect Jerusalem to the area Sollog named near Japan, it formed a straight line near the 32nd line of latitude on world maps. And that San Diego is the MIDDLE of those two points.

Well today, we see SAN DIEGO was struck with an event SOLLOG SAYS HE CAN PREDICT, a SCHOOL SHOOTING!

Sollog has indeed again pinpointed an area destined to have a major school shooting!

Look at the maps below. Is San Diego the middle of the line connecting two of his key locations from previous quake warnings? YES IT IS!

Look at the maps below to see the connection between three of the shootings. San Diego, Littleton CO and Eugene OR.

It's a perfect isosceles triangle.

Showing once again how INTER CONNECTED these tragedies are.

2 dead 13 injured.

213 is the key numbers in this tragey in SAN DIEGO.

Sollog's most recent QUAKE WARNING gave the date 21/3 as the next key date for a major quake!

The same numbers in this tragedy is the date of the next major quake Sollog is warning of! 2 1 3

Is San Diego the KEY ANCHOR CITY in a NEW LINE of TERROR across the US?

Will other major cities on the LINE TO JERUSALEM be struck in the US with more school shootings?

Phoenix, Dallas, Jackson (first major US School Shooting struck near Jackson) are all ON THE LINE to Jerusalem that connects to San Diego!

Time will tell how many more US SCHOOL SHOOTINGS will hit THE 32 o North LINE OF LATITUDE which is near Jerusalem and San Diego!

Number 32, ie OJ Simpson, started his wild white Bronco chase near SAN DIEGO.

There must be something about that number 32 that connects these events.

Oh, here's an article about how early March was due for TRAGEDY on the line of latitude where San Diego is!

Line of Latitude article about early March

Here's a time stamped post from a fan of Sollog warning SAN DIEGO was the key!

San Diego Post

Here's a map of the LINE connecting SAN DIEGO to Jerusalem

Here's a map of the TRIANGLE connecting three of the shootings

Here's a map of 9 of the US school shootings that occurred on two straight lines

The next link is one of my articles on Sollog and his amazing QUAKE PREDICTIONS

Quake predictors getting major hits!

These are a few previous Sollog articles relative to his recent quake prediction hits are:

New Years Quake - Easter Quake - El Salvador Quake - Solomon Quake - India Quake

No wonder the FANS of SOLLOG say


For a very limited time Sollog is doing PERSONAL READINGS, if you are into that sort of thing, you better hurry since there are only a limited amount of spots open!


That NINE US SCHOOL SHOOTINGS have now occurred and they all fall on two straight lines on a map of the US! Waco and the Oklahoma City Bombing also fall on these two lines of tragedy!

The locations of the US School Shootings were given in a US court case by the Nets top Mystic!

The details of the TWA 800 Disaster were put into a US court case 1 year before it occurred! View the court document here! $100,000.00 Reward if you can prove it isn't authentic!

Diana's Death in France on 8/31/97 was predicted in a US court record in 1996! View the court document here! $100,000.00 Reward if you can prove it isn't authentic!

The Nets top Mystic wrote that JFK Jr would die in a Plane Crash over 1 year before he did! The warning was posted all over usenet before it happened! See the warning here!

Over 100 people in the US media were faxed details of the Oklahoma City bombing the day before it occurred! See the warning fax here!

Rabin's Assassination date was given to a US judge in open court one month before it occurred! View the court transcript here!

Mike Kennedy's death on New Years Eve was given in a usenet prophecy by the Nets top psychic which was distributed all over usenet before it happened! See the prophecy here!

Both the date and flight number of SwissAir 111 were given in a famous warning distributed all over the Net one year before it occurred! See the warning here!

The US Embassy Bombings occurred on dates given in a warning on the Net posted all over usenet well in advance! See the warning here!

Most of these bizarre stories involve SOLLOG, a person who is considered by many to be the greatest mystic to ever live! He is indeed one of the most written about people on the Net! There are over 100,000 references to Sollog in the archives of www.Dejanews.com. Many in the media call him the New Nostradamus!

Sollog's Official Site

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