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PROOF USGS altering important quake information
USGS caught altering quake information!
By Senior Editor of 24 7 News Net
The 24 7 News Wire

24 7 News Net Wire
February 14th 2001

USGS - Acronym for United States Geological Survey


The USGS is putting out ALTERED INFORMATION about earthquakes!

Today a minor quake occurred in Indonesia.

Eyewitnesses as reported by Reuters and the BBC say it was a very minor quake.

The windows in their buildings barely shook.

One year ago a 7.0+ quake hit there, 1000's of houses were leveled!


The Indonesia Geophysics Agency says their office in the area nearest the quake had no damage. They say the quake was only 5.0+ range.


Now, this isn't the first time the USGS has ALTERED information about quakes in the 7.0+ range.

If you search the most accurate database of quakes at the USGS which covers all quakes worldwide from 1973 to present, there is only 405 events in the 7.0+ range from 1973 to the beginning of 2001.

That's an average of only 14 or so a year.

Yet, the USGS puts out FALSE INFORMATION using inaccurate data not available to the general public!

They say the 100 year trend is for 19 7.0+ quakes per year (18 7.0+ and 1 8.0+ = 19)!

We emailed the main person at the USGS a Madeleine Zirbes, about the incorrect USGS quake figure often quoted by seismologists, that being 19 per year.

She stated, we use information from 1900 to present, and that information is not available to the public.

"The list of earthquakes was compiled from several catalogs, not all of which are available from the NEIC site."

Madeleine Zirbes USGS NEIC

I then asked her to send me a list of all quakes 1900 to present including dates they occurred and locations to verify her claims.

That was almost a month ago.


You see, the richter scale used today wasn't even invented until the 1930's. So to say you have data going back to 1900 with richter readings over 7.0+ is just a flat out LIE!

Before the 1990's the actual average of 7.0+ quakes was closer to 10 per year.

We have seen a dramatic increase in the 1990's of killer quakes in the 7.0+ range!

But, the best information is still only 14 such quakes should occur each year on average in that range.

Yet, the USGS puts out the 19 per year figure. Do they KNOW these quakes are THE SIGNS of the Great Earth Changes spoken of by seers like Cayce and Cheiro?

Do they want the sheep to stay near coastal areas in the ring of fire to be killed?

All I know is that recently, an ex USGS employee made a couple of quake predictions that hit. He gives huge 8 day windows that are really 10 day windows in his predictions.

Last year he hit only 5 of these huge windows, out of 13 lunar cycles, which is what his methodology is based upon.

I spoke to him a couple of times about his windows, then I did some research and found his 2000 record showed only what random chance would produce.

Since he gives 8 day windows for events that occur every 25 days (20 according to the USGS) the probability for any of his windows to have a major 7.0+ quake is around 33%.

4 or 5 hits out of 13 is exactly what chance says he should hit.

Yet, rumored disinformation agents like Jeff Rense and Art Bell parade Jim Berkland on their radio shows as the great genius of quake predicting.

For instance, Jeff Rense immediately put up an article on the event the USGS says was 7.0+ that eyewitnesses claim was only 5.0+.


Only problem Jeff Rense, is that the event struck TODAY the 14th in Indonesia.

Seems Berkland includes all time zones in his 8 days, so he really predicts huge 10 day windows, which make his predictions almost 50/50 probable!

Anyway, we cover a real quake predictor who gives exact times and uses normally 24 hour windows for 7.0+ range quakes.

He has been within minutes of the actual time in his last two predictions, and 2 of the last 3 have hit the exact continental areas named and even occurred on the exact lines of latitude given!

Rense and Bell both know of the real quake predictor, yet they refuse to even mention his name on their shows or websites.

They have an obvious AGENDA, and some say it is this.

Promote Berkland's 50/50 chance windows.

Then their buddies that appear on their shows can get funding to study quake prediction.

They obviously want to promote the so called predictions of Berkland.

Many scientists and seismologists appear on both of those shows. Is there a little clique with good connections inside the USGS that can alter data to make Berkland appear accurate?

Will the public then demand the USGS open back up their quake prediction department that has been closed since the mid 80's?

I have a strong feeling that what lies at the heart of all this DECEPTION, is a small group of intellects that want to create the illusion of accurate predictions by Berkland, then they have access to the life blood of all research scientists. FUNDING!

Without research grants, many geologists and seismologists don't have jobs.

All I KNOW is the FACTS

Rense and Bell both parade a chance quake predictor out on their shows. The same radio hosts KNOW another predictor with no ties to the USGS is making REAL HITS, that they keep from their fans.

Others in the same field as Berkland with good USGS connections appear on both of their shows.

Did they all conspire to promote ALTERED INFORMATION?

If so was FUNDING the key reason?

Now if you want to see REAL QUAKE PREDICTIONS for exact dates that hit, you need to check this out.

The REAL QUAKE PREDICTOR goes by the name Sollog.

Sollog said to a reporter when asked about the Berkland quake window for a 7.0+ event to occur from February 6th to 13th, "NO 7.0+ QUAKES WILL OCCUR ANYWHERE ON EARTH FROM February 6th to the 13th.

He was right, no such quake struck on the 6th to 13th anywhere in the world.

Yet the USGS uses UTC time to record quakes, so Berkland can crow he got a hit, yet if you ask anyone near the quake when did it occur, they'll say the 14th.

And if you ask the locals in Indonesia if a 7.0+ quake hit, they'll tell you like they told Reuters, the quake was a minor quake with no damage! Not a 7.0+!

Sollog says his next major prediction is for March 1st.

His fans are quick to add, that even though Sollog used coordinates near Japan in the WARNING, anywhere on the 31st line of Latitude could be the real target!

Those also note the infamous LINES of SOLLOG could be the target as well.

Time will tell if the Japan location is literal or an anchor pointer.

The known Sollog code in his quake warnings are to connect the locations he names on a world map.

Using that well know Sollog CODE, you find that 3 killer quakes have struck directly on tiny little lines connecting on a world map Jerusalem and Honiara the capital of Solomon Islands.

An earlier Sollog warning also used Easter Island.

Easter Island, Honiara and Jerusalem do make a simple straight line on a world map as shown below.

The killer quakes in India and El Salvador also struck on the lines connecting Jerusalem and Honiara!

Look at the maps, and read old articles about Sollog's quake predictions, HE OPENLY STATES HE PUTS LINES IN HIS WARNINGS so the chosen can SEE THE REAL ACCURACY of his words!

All I know is that Sollog gives EXACT DATES for major quakes, THAT THEN ALL HIT. Then KILLER QUAKES start to connect the lines of the locations he gives!

Rense knows it, and so does Art Bell. Even the USGS knows it!

Come March 1st there will be another quake or even QUAKES from what I hear, that will occur in the magnitude range Sollog gave and they will connect to his WARNINGS, either literally or through little old lines!

These are a few previous Sollog articles relative to his recent quake prediction hits are:

New Years Quake - Easter Quake - El Salvador Quake - Solomon Quake - India Quake

No wonder the FANS of SOLLOG say


For a very limited time Sollog is doing PERSONAL READINGS, if you are into that sort of thing, you better hurry since there are only a limited amount of spots open!


That NINE US SCHOOL SHOOTINGS have now occurred and they all fall on two straight lines on a map of the US! Waco and the Oklahoma City Bombing also fall on these two lines of tragedy!

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The details of the TWA 800 Disaster were put into a US court case 1 year before it occurred! View the court document here! $100,000.00 Reward if you can prove it isn't authentic!

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The US Embassy Bombings occurred on dates given in a warning on the Net posted all over usenet well in advance! See the warning here!

Most of these bizarre stories involve SOLLOG, a person who is considered by many to be the greatest mystic to ever live! He is indeed one of the most written about people on the Net! There are over 100,000 references to Sollog in the archives of www.Dejanews.com. Many in the media call him the New Nostradamus!

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