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James Randi REFUSES Famous Psychics Public Challenge
Article by D.E.Alexander freelance writer
The 24 7 News Wire

24 7 News Net Wire
October 11th 2000

James Randi of www.randi.org and the James Randi Educational Foundation has steadfastly refused to accept the challenge of the nets top mystic.

For sometime on the net, Sollog has been claiming the ability to predict future events like earthquakes and hurricanes.

Sollog chooses rare seismic events in his earthquake predictions, that being quakes over 6.5 Mag.

In the past, when Sollog makes such a prediction it is posted on his website and usually mentioned on a radio show.

It is usually discussed by many people in usenet.

James Randi is well known for saying claims by people like Sollog are bogus.

Mr. Randi claims to run a 1 Million Dollar Challenge, open to mystics or psychics like Sollog.

In a telephone interview today with Mr. Randi, Mr. Randi claimed that Sollog is a nut and he isn't interested in accepting any challenge from him.

When I informed Mr. Randi who has no formal education, that Sollog has been described in various media outlets and court records by judges as the MOST BRILLIANT MAN THEY HAVE EVER SEEN in their courtrooms, Mr. Randi merely replied there's many brilliant nuts out there.

Mr. Randi expressed a complete disgust for the religious beliefs of Sollog, that being simply that all life is part of GOD and therefor GOD.

When I told Mr. Randi that numerous magistrates have indeed recognized Sollog's right to be called GOD in legal proceedings, he merely stated that was a mistake by magistrates.

Apparently Mr. Randi doesn't feel Sollog or his followers have the religious right to believe they are part of GOD and therefor entitled to be called GOD in any legal proceeding!

However, Mr. Randi did state that if Sollog submitted his claims and an application to his foundation, he would then try to determine if such a prediction was beyond mere chance.

It has been estimated by various seismic professors, that the odds of anyone predicting a major quake over 6.5, within 3 days and 250 miles of the event, is about 10,000 to 1 if they choose an earthquake prone area or much higher if they choose an area of the earth not subject to quakes.

When I asked the Sollog camp if they were interested in the Million Dollar Challenge, they stated that Mr. Randi has refused to accept the parameters stated by Sollog. That is why Sollog issued a public challenge, where the loser of the test has to state at the top of their respective website, they lost the challenge.

In other words, if Sollog hits a 10,000 to 1 quake prediction, the worlds most famous skeptic James Randi would have to post on the top of his site that Sollog proved Paranormal Abilities to him.

Likewise, if Sollog failed, he would post at the top of his website a statement that he failed a public test of his paranormal abilities.

Mr. Randi admitted Sollog has made attempts at getting Randi to accept such parameters for a quake prediction in the past.

However, Mr. Randi says he isn't interested in testing Sollog, unless Sollog submits a standard form to enter his Million Dollar contest.

In my opinion, the challenge is quite clear, Sollog says he will predict a quake over 6.5 and be within 3 days and 250 miles in his prediction.

Mr. Randi clearly stated he doesn't accept any challenge from anyone, he is only interested in getting people with alleged powers like Sollog to sign a document so he can then have his sources investigate the likely hood of it occurring.

Sollog is well know for releasing all his predictions or prophecies on line on his site, in fact in the past year he has only made two predictions. One was a set of 13 predictions for the year 2000 and one was for an earthquake to occur on Easter over 6.5.

So far about 10 of the 13 events Sollog stated would occur in the year 2000, have indeed occurred.

The Easter Quake did occur on the exact date Sollog gave as well.

So there you have it, the nets top mystic says he is willing to publicly challenge the worlds top skeptic in a quake contest.

The worlds top skeptic James Randi says he doesn't accept challenges from anyone.

If you wish to see the Sollog challenge it is at www.Sollog.com/challenge.txt

If you wish to ask James Randi why he won't accept the challenge his email address is


UPDATE - 10/12/2000

I have received a copy of an email from Sollog in regards to an email send to Sollog by James Randi date 10/11/00

James Randi adamantly refuses to accept the Notarized Application of Sollog that is displayed on his site for the whole world to see that he has indeed met the requirements of Mr. Randi in sending him a notarized application and description of what he proposes to demonstrate, that being an earthquake prediction.

Mr. Randi has also asked Sollog for ADDITIONAL DOCUMENTS not mentioned anywhere on his site at this time in order to judge Sollog. Mr. Randi is indeed treating Sollog DIFFERENTLY than all his other claimants, as I determine from reading the email he sent to Sollog.

It is quite clear from the letter that Mr. Randi has no intention whatsoever of judging the earthquake predictions of Sollog

In my opinion, Mr. Randi has shown his OPEN CHALLENGE is a scam!

Mr. Randi, accept the application of Sollog and accept publicly parameters to judge the earthquake prediction abilities of Sollog.

Or admit your Open Million Dollar Challenge is nothing but a scam.

And I'm still waiting for all those documents you claimed that Sollog sent to you with all those misses.

Since I've been on the email list of Sollog for quite sometime, I KNOW THAT ALL THE CLAIMS HE HAS MADE ABOUT PREDICTING FUTURE EVENTS are indeed from a handful of prophecies he released on the net well in advance of the events. So if you have any Sollog predictions sent to you are anyone in the media that you claimed to have such documents please send me copies.

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